25-year-old Anatole (aka Jonathan Baker) draws from his classical background to produce his signature sound – orchestral techniques combined with beat-driven production. The new track features a piano sample from fellow Mercury KX artist, Ólafur Arnalds. Fusing orchestral textures with electronics, ‘Like Deep Water’ incorporates computer-generated gentle melodies and punchy beats, culminating in an explosion of sound and colour. 

Raised amongst the dramatic natural surroundings of the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney, Anatole grew up engrossed in his natural environment, isolated from technological luxuries. Long days exploring the boundless bushland imbued him with a deep love for both the grand and cinematic scale of big ecosystems, and the fine beauty in the minutiae of the smallest organisms and patterns. It is this same balance between the giant and the infinitesimal that permeates his grand and finely detailed musical productions. 

Anatole studied trumpet at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and spent much of his youth performing in orchestras. It wasn’t until a friend lent him a Flying Lotus record that he began experimenting with electronic sounds. Discovering his natural flair for production, his music transformed and he took on the stage name Anatole – the ancient Greek word for ‘sunrise.’


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